Ending 2020 and beginning a new year - 2021

  We are into a new year - 2021. 2020 - Year of Covid is now in our rear view mirror. But is it really? Sadly no, we are dealing with consequences of COVID-19 pandemic as it surges on into 2021. It probably won’t subsidize until late fall 2021 when the federal government of Canada predicts that any Canadian who wishes to be vaccinated, will be and can be. Though the virus has spread rapidly in a short period of time globally, the vaccination of 6-7 billion people will take time. To have multiple pharmaceutical companies developed and trialled to being accepted by US, UK, EU and Canada’s Health management agencies to approve the trial results and determining it safe to give to Canadians less than a year from it began here has been a huge accomplishment. That should be recognized, as a silver lining to awful pandemic of 2020 we have endured.   This pandemic has opened the eyes to many people of all walks of life. There hasn’t been one sector of the human society that has not been impac

Open letter to Premier Jason Kenney

 January 4, 2020 Dear Honourable Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta.   I find myself writing to you yet again to express my concerns about Alberta’s response to COVID-19. I have sent your office numerous correspondences, mostly recently on Dec 28, 2020. I have strong concerns about the extent to which the government of Alberta’s plans will protect the lives of Albertans.  I currently reside live at the AgeCare-Skypointe Community Care Living Facility which houses approximately 350 residents. We are situated in the upper NE quadrant, which is located in Calgary’s ‘hotspot. AgeCare-Skypointe has been in the news since Dec 26, 2020 due to the major COVID outbreak at my facility.  Our first COVID positive case occurred on Oct 11. Subsequently, all residents were forced to quarantine in our rooms for a minimum of 14 days. As of today, many residents, myself included, remain cooped up in our small rooms (roughly 350 square feet) for the foreseeable future.  What this means for me, prem

Letter to Premier Kenney - Where are the Rapid Covid Testing Kits for LTC facilities?

  Monday December 28, 2020 Dear Honourable Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta and Honourable Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health. Premier Kenney and Minister Shandro, I am writing to you both again about your lack of response to the Covid situation of our province. I have sent you both emails and formal letter via email expressing my concerns on how you both have been handling the Covid response: Premier Kenney I wrote you a letter on Saturday December 5, in regards to your lack if Covid response despite surging cases, hospitalizations, increase ICU admissions as well as deaths.  I wrote an email to Dr. Hinshaw on November 7 asking for more Covid restrictions, which you both were cc’d on. November 16, I emailed you Premier Kenney asking for the need of more Covid restrictions to stop the surge of Covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths.  On November 19 & November 20 I emailed you Premier Kenney asking where is the rapid testing you promised us in the Spring that you

Have you been catfished? I just did

  Have you caught in a “catfish scheme”? Do you what a catfish scheme is? I had only heard about such a romance scheme from the TLC series, Sister Wives, where the wife Meri was hooked into this romantic relationship from her social media with what she thought was a guy, at first . This had gone on for months. The person said all the right things to someone who was vulnerable and she happened to be going through the emotions of divorce. To top it off, her self-confidence and self-worth was low. How Meri explained it, the person told her the things she make her better and thought she was able to move forward in her life. It was when Meri started asking if she could meet with him did thing started to get murky. Eventually, Meri found out this relationship was all a lie, a fake. The person behind this relationship, wasn’t a guy but a woman. What this must be to a person’s emotional and mental psyche. It can seriously mess you up once you start processing everything from the beginning. You

Letter to Premier Kenney about lack of Covid response - Sat Dec 5 2020

  Saturday December 5, 2020 Dear Honourable Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta. In your Facebook video chat as well as at the Covid-19 daily briefing which occurred last week, both yourself and Honourable Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health clarified that Dr Hinshaw, our Chief Medical Officer, provides her advice and recommendations on actions to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 virus so that it is more manageable to control moving forward. Then it’s up to you, Premier Kenney as well as your Cabinet members, who will make the final decision in actions to take in the way of restrictions. The CBC news article of the leaked audio tapings was disturbing to hear about. In these times of Albertans facing daily life and death situations, hearing you are bullying people and ignoring sound advice from the medical community and your other experts which you say are following their recommendations, was disappointing to hear.  I understand we are all suffering from Covid fatigue and just want th

Letter to Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta: Concerns about B46 - Amendment to Alberta Health Information Act

  November 13, 2020 Dear Her Honour, the Honourable Salma Lakhani, AOE B.Sc.  Hello Your Honour. My name is Laura Jean Rutherford and I am a resident of Calgary, Alberta. I am writing to you today about my concerns of the proposed Bill 46 - amendment of the Alberta Information Health Act, which is to being brought to the Legislature of Assembly on Monday, November 16, 2020 by Honourable Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health.  Your Honour, before writing this letter, I read the roles for Lieutenant-Governor for Alberta. One the roles is that, “ In order for bills passed by the Legislative Assembly to become law, the Lieutenant-Governor must give Royal Assent. The Lieutenant-Governor acts on the advice of elected officials, but may exercise the right to deny or “reserve” Royal Assent if the bill violates the constitutional rights of Albertans or infringes upon federal jurisdiction. ” Your Honour, it was reading this description that I felt compelled to write my concerns of proposed Bil